5 Star Yelp Customer Reviews and Testimonials

“Jeff is very knowledgeable, has all the equipment needed to take care of my pool and is very friendly. He is on time and very respectful. He has kept my pool chemicals balanced and has a wonderful pool vacuum on his truck that get every last Leaf off the bottom of a pool. I can’t recommend him highly enough!!”

“I had a hard time finding anyone who would come to my remote area to service a spa, but after many calls, I was finally referred to someone who would (and they gave a glowing review of Quenzer). Jeff was great from the start, friendly and helpful. He did a full clean and service to get the hot tub up and running. He even bought all of the chemicals and supplies for me so that I didn’t need to make any special trips. Even after Jeff left, he was still providing great service…he texted the following day to make sure everything was running smoothly… and it was :). And when I did my first water test I had a questions about the reading on the test strip, so I took a picture and sent it to Jeff and asked what he suggested. Within 10 minutes he had replied and gave me direction. I highly recommend Quenzer’s Pool Service, wonderful customer service and great work on my spa.”